The Impact Group Leadership Academy is preparing for launch in January 2019!

What is the Academy? The Impact Group Leadership Academy is a teaching seminar series that will gather individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life together in IGPR’s “Impactagon”—our recently expanded, eight-sided barn that’s called Hudson, Ohio home since 1881.

Within our creative space, The Impact Group Leadership Academy hopes to welcome groups from a wide range of industries (government, business, non-profit, schools, etc.) to our dynamic, one-day training sessions. Together, we’ll share our experiences, offering expertise on today’s most pressing workplace challenges and the tools needed for self-improvement.

This is not just another professional development opportunity – that’d be boring. After our sessions, you will walk away with tangible, actionable strategies to improve your day-to-day life. Our goal for you is to be able to implement strategies the minute you leave here. And, as you make these powerful changes, we want you to continue to rely on us as a trusted collaborator. We hope to build lifelong connections with you and the communities around us that are holistic and valuable.

We can’t wait to make our impact – and watch you impact the world!